Thursday, January 30, 2014

Girl look at that body, Ah...I work out!

A very close friend of mine is looking for some motivated people who want get in shape and transform their lives! If you're needing a new workout regimen, then check this out! I’ve personally witnessed the awesomeness that is Camp Gladiator, it’s a great work out and it really kicks your bootay (in a good way)!!! Here's a little bit about the program, from the trainer herself, Dominique:
After having my baby (via c-section) I searched high and low for a training program that would work for my complete lack of muscles. Even though I had an athletic background I was very nervous about starting a training program on my own but I could not afford a personal trainer. I did a boatload of research and came across some info for Cap Gladiator. I watched some of the videos on their website and decided that this was the best program for me. I needed something that would be practical for a post-partum momma, and at the same time something that would gradually increase in intensity when I finally got myself together. I found that Camp Gladiator had all of that!
What I found when I showed up to my first camp: Everyone greeted me! No one yelled at me! I took breaks where I needed and got encouragement not just from the trainers, but from the other campers. Every single person at that camp wanted me to succeed! And every single person cheered me on, I think that is a huge factor in my success. 
Long story short: I lost nearly 50 lbs, and gained a whole new life. Maybe you aren't looking for a new life, maybe just a new dress size, or some new thighs...we have something for everyone! For me, Camp Gladiator changed everything. I went from doubting myself (understatement of the year) to a Certified Trainer! I picked up a new career! I feel in love on day one and have never looked back. 
I am inviting all Once Upon An Austinite readers to try out Camp Gladiator for FREE!!! I am so passionate about my belief that ANYONE can become fit and healthy that I am giving away free classes! Each class is 1 hour long, what we refer to as "60 minutes of amazing." 100+ locations across Austin that each camper has access to!!! Can't beat it! 
Details: Central Austin classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays in the heart of 78704!!! All trendy and everythang. Email me at if you are even remotely interested in getting moving. 
Dominique Hamilton or Trainer Dominique 

Here is a Before and After picture of Dominique. You go girl!!! I am sooooo proud of this woman and the example she’s setting, for not only her campers, but her family and friends.