Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My first blog EVAH

Hello blog world! This has been a long time coming. I'm not much of a writer so you'll mainly see pictures on this here bloggy-woggy.  I'll be focusing on my crafts/DIY, photography, excursions around town, festivals, art, and all things that inspire me.

I want to start off with some pictures from the coolness that is the Baylor Street Art Wall located around 10th & Baylor. I'd actually visited this place long before it became a graffiti artists' haven, I remembered thinking it would be a cool set-up for pictures with all the levels of concrete and what not. What I love about this place is that artists' tend to tag over others artists' work - which kinda stinks for the previous guy - but at the same time that just means the art is constantly changing here - it's fun to visit every few months! Check it out sometime if you're near downtown Austin, it has quite a nice view of the city from atop.

I dig pastry art (such as cakes, cupcakes, candies)


My handsome babe

 What he said

 Bye-Bye for now!